Visual Branding Agency: 
Creating A Brand That Evokes Emotion

Visual identity is too crucial an element for brands to skimp on. And by working with a visual branding agency, you’ll get an added upper hand compared to your competitors.

Because agencies work with various brands, companies get access to a wider pool of creative talent exposed to a range of ideas and visual branding solutions, which can make all the difference when trying to evoke the right emotion to your market.
As an independent company, you might have an in-house marketing and designing team committed to the brand. However, working with a visual branding agency will give you a fresh pair of eyes to your brand.

Choosing to work with a visual branding agency will, for example, lead to more consistency across your company’s visual brand identity, which is much more than just a logo.
This dedication to consistency is proven to pay off: Consistency of brand presentation can lead to a 33% increase in revenue, according to Lucidpress.

Creating this kind of consistency in messaging and design is often too challenging for internal teams to deliver upon on the first try.

However, before anyone decides to invest in a visual branding agency, we recommend you understand what exactly you need to look forward to when working with one.

What is visual branding?

Visual branding includes various design elements such as materials, shapes, colors, fonts, and functionality. However, the point to note here is that visual branding is not the same as branding.

Branding consists of the complete suite of branding components that a company needs, such as user profiles, videos, brand awareness, social media posts, content strategies, and logos. It's almost literally everything your brand needs before it steps into the battlefield.

However, visual branding includes the components that communicate to your audience visually.

The ultimate goal of having a visual identity is to evoke an emotional connection between the audience and the brand. This is done through the colors, fonts, and shapes used in the company's website, logo design, and business cards.
Your visual branding serves various purposes. However, there are two essential goals to aim for:

1. To convey your brand personality and evoke a sense of emotion in your audience. We are humans, and as humans we tend to connect with powerful emotions rather than just a random color or brand as a whole.

2. Your visual identity helps the audience learn about your brand and its messaging. The audience uses graphic elements to understand:

  • Why should they pay attention to you?
  • What makes your brand unique?
  • What are you trying to communicate?

Remarkable visual branding creates an emotional and memorable experience for the audience. And, if it makes a connection, it will generate trust, create more sales, and retain your customers.

Visual branding is one of the best things you can do for your business. It unites these crucial pieces of your brand story and creates a wholesome experience for your audience.

All this is cool, but still, why exactly is it beneficial for your business?

Why Is a Visual Branding Agency Important For Your Business?

Take a quick search online, and you’ll notice there are no shortage of businesses whose ideas are doomed just because of the absence of a proper marketing strategy that portrays the brand suitably.

This is a pity if only because the world we live in is a world where billions of potential customers are just a click away.

But to win them, you need to pay attention to how you first present your brand.

If you cannot capture their attention in the first few seconds, then it is not easy to quickly attract the same set of buyers the second time.

1. Branding communicates directly to the customers

Many startup owners feel that investing in visual identity is unnecessary as they are an early-stage company still trying to attract some sales. But they fail to understand that visual branding gives your business a fresh perspective and a whole new height by fulfilling the customer's interests in the form of images, colors, logos, and design.

Impeccable branding attracts the right set of eyes with crystal clear messaging about your business and every bit of information that anyone would need.

2. Visual branding evokes emotions

Colors are an essential element of remarkable visual branding. Colors leave a mark on your mind, inducing certain feelings and emotions.

However, choosing the right set of colors is no joke, and the process can require a lot of steps. Choosing the right set of colors in a design can contribute to making your brand one of a kind in an otherwise saturated industry.

3. Influence over social media

As a brand, you will need to maintain a social media presence to stay in touch with your audience, run campaigns, and get more humanized. Displaying products on social media is vital as it establishes customers' loyalty and trust. Also, it invites them to check out your products and know more about the brand.

The images presenting your products over social media must be true to your brand and should be of high definition. Having visual brand design helps you set the tone, and your audience can recognize your brand just by looking at the colors without looking at your username.

Many brands have established their distinctive visual brand identity —in exchange, they have earned loyal customers and repeated sales.

Brands with remarkable visual brand design

Visual branding is a great way to speak to your customers, and these brands have proved it.

1. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that has a brand that features delightful and calming colors. It creates a sense of homeliness and a feeling that everything is alright.

Even the illustration on their website depicts that life is okay and doesn't have to be serious.

If you pay attention to their Instagram handle, they have these beautiful quotes with colors that evoke a feeling of ease.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb's messaging is about living a joyful and active life. Its branding shows that. With its copy that says not sure where to go? Perfect, it completely justifies its messaging and aim. They encourage people to get out of their homes and see the world with Airbnb.

Their Instagram page is filled with images of their happy customers. It certainly creates the vibe and also builds trust.

How did Brevo help GoPinas increase its customer base right after the Covid?

GoPinas is a Philippine travel service that makes booking trips, managing tours easy and convenient for local travelers. We helped the company in its early stages, creating its logo and brand identity.

We started by setting up a meeting with the client and assessing their current brand palettes. Further, we discussed the essence and goals of the company.

The idea of a checklist was a recurring theme in our conversations – ticking off boxes when organizing travel belongings, itemizing a to-do list when heading to destinations, and the like.

This fed into the core idea of a logo that represented not just travel but the detail that goes into traveling – ticking off all the right boxes when it comes to venturing outdoors. After presenting a few studies, the client quickly decided on a logo which was then used on the GoPinas website and relevant marketing materials.

The result?

GoPinas launched shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the company has proven resilient; the website has continued to service travelers, many of whom are no doubt eager to return to exploring the country. In this sense, the brand has withstood a significant test and is poised to resonate further with the travelers.

Let us help you in creating your unique visual brand identity

Brevo is a visual branding agency that helps brands create an impact with visual designs that communicate with the audience without actually talking.

We have helped numerous brands refine their messaging and reflect upon your strategy.

The first step in creating a visual brand identity is to have a meeting with you, which helps us understand the goals and personality of your brand, as well as the correct type of images to create for a mood board.

Then we move to creating your logo, tagline, and messaging. This is a long process, indeed, but an effective one that has proven to help us better understand your requirements and brand's essence.

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