Social Media Video Services:
Producing High-ROI Visual Messages

Social media video services are no longer an add-on luxury, but rather a default tool essential to boosting engagement and conversions with your company’s digital audiences, whether they live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or another platform.

According to a 2021 study conducted by Animoto, 93% of marketers say they have landed a new customer due to their video on social media.

Unfortunately, many of these successes aren’t sustained across diverse audiences, which live on the diverse platforms that make up the social media world. This digital diversity is why many companies fail to see consistent ROI growth from their social media videos.

We get it: social media video production is not a piece of cake. It is easy to get stuck at ideation or tangled up in the many moving parts that high-quality video production requires.

As a brand, you need to ensure that whatever videos you produce maintain that sweet spot between promoting your products or services, all while empathizing with your target market.

At Brevo, we produce social media videos that empathize with your brand and customers by using well-planned visual marketing strategies designed to boost your ROI.

Your video marketing is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy; it gives a face, voice and, most importantly, emits emotions.

We’ll ensure that your audience gets the right message.

With so much new content on social media posted everyday, can my brand still stand out?

We live in a time of information overload. This makes punching through the social media noise even harder.

It can then seem like producing high-quality, relatable videos that make your brand stand out can seem unachievable. But in reality, it can still be done with creative storytelling, time-tested video production techniques and old-fashioned market intuition.

This is one of the most qualifying advantages of working with Brevo; we don't just produce videos, but rather specialize in planning out creative storylines with matching messaging and animated images to best tell the story of your brand.

Our team of creative video marketers is experienced with helping companies create social media videos that gain visibility and increase conversions. Here are some examples below.

Social media video services: Using thumbnail animations and text to stop the scroll

Brevo is a creative agency that helps brands scale their social media game with unique social media videos produced with a love of storytelling.

On each social media platform, your company has only 3 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. Those that fail to stop users from scrolling in the first 3 seconds fail to capture their attention; it’s that simple.

This is why Brevo creates short, information-packed videos with colorful animations that not only gets users to stop scrolling, but also boosts interactions with your call-to-actions.

Getting clicks on enticing thumbnails

While a person is on social media, their thumb is constantly scrolling through videos and other content. A brand’s video only succeeds if it is able to stop that thumb from scrolling further. Your company can only do that by having an enticing thumbnail that speaks directly to your audience right from first glance.

This is exactly what we did for Traveloka, an Indonesia-based travel company that provides airline ticketing services.

Their video thumbnail included still images from live action videos and animation, along with some text.

Because many people watch social media videos with the sound off, it's important to include text in the beginning of the video -- ensuring that this text gets its enticing, on-brand message across.

Check out what other clients say about our social media video services

“Brevo has provided fantastic service and execution for FWD Life Insurance Corporation. We decided to work with them on a retainer engagement as they are they are easy to work with and they care for their clients. They deliver exactly what we were looking for - an all-of-the-above communications and creatives with eye and sensibility.”
Miles Sarmiento
Product Marketing Communications Manager, FWD
“The BDO leasing video is great! Thank you.”
Robert Lapid
President, BDO Leasing and Finance
“We started by going to Brevo with an idea, they helped turn this idea into a fully fledgeling business. Brevo has been a joy to work with and we couldn’t have done it without them.”
Jordan Fack
VP of Sales, AirAsiaRedTix

Social media video services: Tailoring videos for each unique platform audience

Social media offers something for everyone, a reflection of the diversity of the real world. This includes demand for videos, which is why almost every social media platform now has its own short-form video feature to promote videos to their audiences.

Instagram has Reels, Snapchat has Spotlight, Facebook has short videos, YouTube has shorts, and TikTok is itself a short video platform.

To best communicate with audiences on these platforms, your social media video will have to be created with the unique built-in audiences that each platform attracts in mind.

Instagram video production

Instagram's popularity has rapidly increased in past years, with the platform now boasting 1.074 billion active users.

In 2021, Instagram confirmed that it is no longer just a photo-sharing platform, clearly stating that they are now forming their brand around rewarding video content.

The key now is trying to figure out how Instagram videos can reward your company.

Instagram video production requires an understanding that people on Instagram appreciate more candid videos, be it IGTVs, reels, or stories. If you think your salesy video will get you more sales and eyeballs on this platform, you are wrong.
As a general rule of thumb, people on Instagram like to watch relatable, fun, and non-salesy videos. However, if you are creating a sponsored video, it naturally communicates that your end goal is to sell, in which case you need to have a video that pushes towards a call-to-action in the most fun and creative way possible for your Instagram audience.

Facebook video production

Facebook is a platform that has evolved from being a photo sharing platform into a dynamic digital stage with a ton of features.

Today, Facebook is so diverse that if you run an ad-campaign solely on personal preference, you’ll barely see any results.

However, Facebook’s diverse database of users also allows for incredible reach for your videos: you can broadcast to only 20-year-old males within a specific zip code, as well as to older generations in different career profiles.

Your Facebook audience wants to see videos that are relevant just to them. Because this platform is very crowded with a lot of videos and ads, people are (unfortunately) already bombarded with irrelevant videos (and misinformation) and will scroll through anything that doesn’t particularly relate to them.

At Brevo, we help you in ideating and copywriting a video that will target a unique buyer persona on the Facebook platform. By narrowing down your buyer personas, we can optimize better interaction on Facebook by speaking to a specific audience.

LinkedIn Video Production

LinkedIn is a B2B social media platform, and it is boosting video content now more than ever.

Although LinkedIn has been experiencing a rise in engagement and visibility with video content, it remains a very challenging B2B medium to operate on due to built-in, high-level professionalism this audience expects.

This doesn’t mean your brand has to be strictly formal. You can still publish videos that use a light and fun tone, but it is a delicate line to walk to achieve what can be considered the correct voice for the LinkedIn channel.

This is why it helps to hire professional video producers to create LinkedIn videos.

Brevo is fun—but also knows how to maintain the channel’s correct tone.
Some of the types of videos that really work well on LinkedIn are:

• Company updates
• Company culture videos
• Behind and the scenes
• Interviews with industrial experts
• Promotional videos

Let’s make LinkedIn work for your brand in a fun and light manner.

YouTube video production

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world. But with increasing saturation, you’ll need to think of how you can do better than your competitor to stick out through the noise.

YouTube audiences are hungry for unique content, for sure, but they are also searching for content that is relevant to them. As a part of Google, YouTube essentially works as a video search engine (in fact, it is the second-largest search engine in the world), making SEO an important part of YouTube video production.

This platform has immense potential to help you draw in relevant audiences through video search, making it an integral part of content marketing campaigns.

Brevo can help by aligning your audience with high-volume video keyword search terms, pushing your viewers down a content marketing funnel.
Social media offers an ocean of opportunities for businesses, but your brand needs to know how to communicate on different platforms to maximize results.

Brevo has experience helping a diverse range of companies  — both large and small — boost their social media reach and visibility with our social media video services.

You don't have to be Spielberg. Just leave the video production to us, and we’ll ensure your visual message gets your social audience’s attention.

Drop us a line and get the reel deal with Brevo's social media video services.

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