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Maintaining social media accounts requires a lot of planning, time and energy. To make matters more complex, most of the competition is already on the same platforms, which, like large mainstream media, run 24/7.

This presents a challenging reality: Social media doesn’t sleep. Feeds are constantly being updated with posts, so getting your target market to stop scrolling is hard. This is an environment of information overload that every marketer wants to reach through.

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At Brevo, our social media solutions experts mix creative visuals, videos and text to stop the scroll.

At the moment, the most used social media networks are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube & Vimeo (video channels). All together, these platforms create a social media ecosystem that -- when used wisely -- are invaluable and inexpensive channels to interact with customers.

Of course, your competition already knows that, too. Chances are, they are blasting your target market right now with lots of messaging, which creates noise that results in ad nauseum.

We want you to stick out from the competition by creating customized graphic design creatives woven into brand storytelling. Knowing that each network caters to a different crowd, these digital campaigns are planned out to address the specific built-in audiences of these distinct social media platforms.

This is where Brevo comes in.

To make your brand’s story grab the attention of your target market while integrating with the style and audience of each social media, we use a variety of creatives -- prescribed specifically to fit each post.

Some of the creative tools in our social media inventory include  animated GIFs, animated videos, photo carousels, 180-degree posts,  infographics, creative photo manipulation and more.

But in order to be successful, these customized social media designs  must be woven into a sound creative strategy made to fit your wider  social media campaign objectives.

We take over the scheduling, post writing and creative elements creation of your social media accounts, ensuring that your brand is delivering a unique, creative and insightful message across platforms.

This, of course, takes a lot of careful planning and communication.

From brainstorming to analytics: A well-planned social media strategy

Today, social media has become an affordable and effective marketing tool, yet most businesses neglect planning and implementation.

At Brevo, we help clients refine their big idea into a content calendar that strategically rolls out creative assets across social media accounts.

This social media campaign is this tailored to the various accounts that your company runs. We know this is important because each social media platform has users that expect a certain type of information.
At Brevo, our graphic design team is trained to understand which digital assets will perform best for which social media and target audience. This could include illustrations for your Facebook account, a photo essay of static images for Instagram, and/or creative vector art for LinkedIn.

We are experts in prescribing what asset to use -- and when. No two  digital campaigns are the same.

Finally, we use social media analytics to measure our success. Social media analytics generates added consumer insights and market opportunities for our clients because, as it turns out, social media is one of the best places to experiment with your marketing strategies.

Whether your social media is built for a microblog or an entire corporate website, our team of problem solvers are ready to transform your social media feeds into a creative extension of your brand.

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