Brevo Bites

Simply Brevo

Find out how the Team creates insane ideas by keeping each other sane with life hacks, hobbies, and good times.

Closed for the Holidays?

Imran Saddique, Brevo’s CEO and managing director, makes the case for a company-wide shutdown during the happiest time of the year.

Five Fun Online Games to Spice Up Your Group Chat

There are a few things we can do to spice up our con-call catch-ups without triggering workplace Zoom PTSD. Here, we list down a few activities to make video-call night with friends something to look forward to!

Reel-Life Truths: Five Career Lessons From the Movies

Who knew that the silver screen can sub in for your trusted career counselor?

#BrevoTalks: How to Effectively Work From Home

Check out the productivity hacks our team members use to keep their work-from-home game on point!
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