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Real estate is perhaps one of the biggest investments an individual makes in their lifetime, and getting people to buy real estate from you is no easy task. This is where real estate marketing – and specifically a real estate social media marketing agency – has a crucial role to play.

Creating a social media presence for your real estate properties in an ever-evolving social media space can seem like a daunting task.

There are always bigger agencies and developers with larger budgets, who likely have made years of investment into social media marketing.

The process of creating a documented real estate social media marketing strategy – backed by all-star creative marketing experts and years of research – is now more important than ever.

When they get down to it, these teams of industry experts do the research, create a strategy, and put in the personnel to constantly engage with your target market to make sure your presence is first established, and then amplified.

real estate social media marketing
Brevo will dig deep into the personas of your ideal customer in order to create social media strategies that connect with them on an emotional level, as well as address their biggest concerns in a fun, creative and informative way.
real estate social media marketing
For every marketing endeavour, particularly in real estate, there are a variety of important psychological and emotional aspects that your content must cater to. This will satisfy your readers’ curiosity, creating a persuasive message, and building social proof.

In fact, the psychological phenomena of in-group favoritism, which makes people act in a manner that is approved of by their closest social connections, builds social proof and accelerates decision-making when it comes to making real estate purchases. Effective social media marketing for real estate taps into people’s inner circle and ensures that there is ample proof, consistent presence, and frequent engagement to drive persuasion and satisfy curiosity.

A real estate social media marketing agency can help your real estate business accomplish important business milestones—organic growth, consistent and relevant leads, and better conversion rates from interest to action.

At Brevo, we create strategies to help accelerate your social media growth, build an online community, and establish presence and authority in the rapidly evolving world of real estate marketing.

Helping Brands Break Through Noise in a Crowded Social Media Real Estate Landscape

Brevo produces all aspects of launching a highly engaging and converting social media campaign for your real estate brand, and these include:

1. Social Media Marketing Strategy: Creating a full-out social media marketing plan that performs in the current social media landscape, and continuously updating it accordingly

2. Social Media Brand Management: Creating a brand identity to govern the social media tone and voice strategy, as well as and all subsequent messaging

3. Social Media Content Marketing: Writing and producing all written and visual content that goes along with social media posts, images and infographics

4. Social Media Engagement: Actively engaging with the people interacting with the your social media content to generate business leads

What We Do

Brevo specializes in social media management for real estate companies, from strategizing on campaigns to executing a fully planned content agenda .

Let us look at the 4 main parts of social media marketing in detail and understand the value they create for a real estate brand in the social media space.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone for great social media marketing – especially for real estate companies – is a brand-defining content strategy. A well-crafted content strategy amplifies the brand’s strongest assets in a way that is invaluable to the target audience.

No matter what your end goal with social media marketing is – whether it is building an online presence, generating leads, or establishing authority – a strategic approach can accelerate your effort by miles.

A real estate social media marketing agency identifies these key content goals and creates a strategy to address them. By analyzing inputs from your followers, prospects, and customers, an experienced agency will be able craft a strategy to address every kind of buyer, every step of the way.

Brevo has a team of strategy specialists that identify the path of least resistance to ensure success for your real estate social media campaigns. We create a framework to magnify your endeavors as a real estate brand, make sure your message reaches a respectable audience, and support you in achieving your end goals.

Social Media Brand Management

Developing a brand in a crowded social media space can induce insomnia in even the best marketing specialists. This is especially the case when they are in-house and tasked with the job of creating multiple marketing campaigns to target numerous marketing goals.

Real estate social media marketing agencies have social media brand management down to a science. And a good agency will be effective in creating a strong brand that speaks of your service without sounding annoyingly self-promotional.

Brevo creates a strong brand identity and vision that governs all your messaging on social media, ensuring that it is aligned with the service you offer, your company culture, and your digital presence.

Social Media Content Marketing

Every caption that goes under an Instagram post, every word of a 180-character tweet, and every hashtag that makes its way to a carousel post contribute to the overall brand development.

These details need to be carefully crafted in order to resonate with the target audience enough for them to respond to the call to action. And with every passing quarter, there are new social media formats cropping up that need to be incorporated into the overall social media strategy.

At Brevo, our team of creative specialists excel at content creation, with witty captions, curated hashtags, and retweetable tweets that are aligned with your real estate social media brand.

We are quick on our feet and ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and tricky social media formats.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is little about publishing posts, stories, or tweets and more about interacting with the people engaging with your posts.

While a social media post from a real estate brand might display a layout of a two-bedroom apartment, the comments on it will govern the actual leads for your business.

“What’s the security like?” “Is there a community gym?” “Is there a swimming pool on the premises?”

To answer these questions and convert these leads into buyers, your social media profiles need constant engagement.

Brevo handles your social media accounts and engages with your followers, commenters, and prospects to calm their qualms and answer their queries, and it ensures your content leads to more business for your real estate brand.

How We Do It


VCDC is a contemporary real estate developer in the Philippines with a very specific target market. It targets buyers who are in the market for flexible homes and customizable spaces in highly desirable locales.

VCDC came to Brevo to get this message across in its social media marketing and create an audience that would respond well to its service offering.

After communications with potential buyers, the development of ideal user personas, and targeted content production Brevo developed a detailed social media strategy.

The newly-created real estate social media presence reflected VCDC’s flashy, edgy, and vogue identity through tailored images and creative messaging.

The set of images, GIFs, videos, microblogs, and animations crafted a real estate social media marketing that was both quirky and informative for VCDC.

Another aspect of the strategy centred around creating images that spoke to customers’ desire for a residential experience, not just residential accommodation, in their search for customizable housing in high-end locations. Quirky images depicting luxurious lounging by the pool, or intimate terrace gatherings, spoke to the experience that potential buyers desired.

Another strategy pillar was focused on directly portraying the ideal customer persona in an animated form and letting VCDC’s audience know that they were heard, understood, and represented.

As a result of this carefully crafted strategy, Brevo helped increase engagement for VCDC through multiple social media channels.

Century Properties

Brevo worked with Century Properties to establish a digital presence for their multinational luxury brand. Century Properties frequently partners with renowned architects and luxury designers such as Versace homes, Hilton Paris, etc. and brings in style and content in all of its developments.

The team at Brevo sat down with Century Properties to craft messaging for its social media handles that was fun, informative, and eye-catching – much like its projects.

The social media messaging highlighted key aspects of the projects that were important to potential buyers such as low cost of living, pre-fab houses, and designer residences. Graphics with flags to illustrate nationality, fun facts around the developments, and witty anecdotes added a tangible appeal of these real estate projects.

The resulting imagery was powerful, on-brand, and equipped with creative messaging. It went on to be used both in Century Property’s real estate social media campaign, as well as for its internal documentation.

Let's Talk!

If you’re looking to elevate your social media engagement, craft a creative new campaign or start from scratch on the rather daunting challenge of building a social media strategy for your real estate development brand, let’s talk.

You can sit back and watch your social media ranking rise while Brevo puts in the hard work.

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