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VCDC Social Media

Project Overview

VCDC is one of the Philippine’s more contemporary real estate developers with a deep understanding of evolving urban lifestyles. It’s innovative approach to building homes that offer flexible configurations and customizable spaces in highly desirable locations make it stand out as a business. The company wanted their social media pages to reflect its flashy, edgy and vogue identity through a variety of engaging social media posts.

What We Did

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Content Calendar
Statics & Carousels
Videos (Script Writing)


VCDC believes that coming home should always be the best part of your day. It wanted to highlight this insight with thoughtfully produced statics, GIFs and videos across different social media pages — but with a chic, edgy touch. The posts needed a sophisticated, tongue-in-cheek tone that would flaunt the company’s homes, create brand capital, and generate sales by resonating with the target market.

Process & Results

We identified areas where Brevo could add value by analysing key competitors in the market. We then jump started our production of a full 4-month social media campaign with various posts aimed at creating awareness, engagement, traffic and sales.

Working closely with VCDC’s team, we developed multiple video scripts, static, GIFs, microblogs, and more with the objective of making the company’s social media pages more dynamic and enticing. Our writers made sure the overall tonality was classy yet upbeat and edgy while our graphic designers came up with multiple mood boards that used striking, cosmopolitan colors and modern fonts.

We produced both vector and live-action content that involved end-to-end video production and photoshoots at M Residences. 

The end result was a well-rounded campaign for VCDC, highlighting its unique proposition and distinctly contemporary homes in eye-catching fashion.

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