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VCDC Open House Event

Project Overview

VCDC offers innovative concepts in Philippine real estate and takes a craftsman-like pride in realizing its clients’ needs. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of quality, value and design, the company wanted to highlight the grandeur of the celebration, exciting potential buyers with an opulent, open house event.

What We Did

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Banner Ads
Brochures and Flyers


To help build awareness and entice people to attend this significant event, VCDC needed brochures and outdoor banners that would spark curiosity and a desire to experience M Residences. Brevo was tasked with writing and creating designs for online invitations, printed catalog brochures and outdoor banners for the company’s first open-house party.

Process & Results

We wanted VCDC’s open-house party to be welcoming, irresistibly alluring, and the talk-of-the-town.

Working with the company’s Creative Director we put together different moodboards and sample content. The visual elements were inspired by Havana so our designers created layouts that were tropical, charming, and celebratory. Our writers developed sharp copy to make people stop and become curious. 

We sourced the paper material that suited each brochure, making sure they felt as good as they looked. We cascaded designs to suit both online and outdoor placement. Overall we were able to generate buzz for the event through striking copy and fine materials, driving attendance and inching VCDC closer to sales.

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