Traveloka Go Explore / Go Extreme: Short Videos

Show them the world and people will go

The Challenge

Traveloka entered the Asian travel and tourism industry as an almost immediate heavyweight, promising affordable getaways and trips to a multitude of destinations. Their audience is mostly online with a voracious appetite for travel and adventure. How do you interest, engage, and lead people to plan their vacations with a relatively new online travel brand?



Our Solution

We developed a series of short videos using existing assets provided by Traveloka, which sourced material directly from travel influencers. We stitched together videos and still photography, overlaying them with unique narratives to create interesting destination vignettes between 30-45 seconds each




All In All

The video series proved to be massively popular. By giving consumers snappy, information-rich content, Traveloka was able to capture people’s attention on social media, spike their interest, and compel them to try the service. All without having to interrupt a customer’s social scrolling for more than a minute, which is key to engaging people on social platforms.



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