Toys”R”Us Summer Campaign

How do you sell toys when the sun is up and school is out?

The Challenge

Summer is fun! But how do you convince parents to buy toys when all their kids want to do is run in the sun and spend time outdoors?



Our Solution

We didn’t need to fight summer; it was a matter of enhancing it. We chose to highlight seasonal items (inflatable pools, water pistols, outdoor toys etc) and crafted a message that emphasized outdoor fun. Using statics, animated GIFs, carousels, and other digital content, we helped drive users on Facebook to open the online catalogue and visit stores to take advantage of summer discounts.



All in All

With a short window of opportunity (2 months of peak summer) we pushed online awareness by posting on specific days to well-defined target markets across the country. We ran the entire campaign and media spend, boosting posts, optimizing the material, and providing pre/post performance reports. A colorful and diverse visual campaign translated to strong online engagement, crushing client KPIs.



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