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Toys"R"Us Girls’ Fair Campaign

Project Overview

Toys“R”Us is a leading toy retailer in the Philippines. Since opening its first store in 2006, it has grown to over 41 toy stores and 52 Toy Box sections in Robinsons Department stores. Every year, Toys”R”Us releases a fresh catalog filled with female-oriented toys that will make young girls jump in delight!

What We Did

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Toys“R”Us acknowledges the important role playtime has in empowering young girls and equipping them with the confidence they need to face the world. Playtime lets little girls be free to be high-powered athletes, world-famous chefs, loving mothers, and more! With this in mind, Toys“R”Us needed a social media campaign that showcased their female-oriented toys to parents as valuable tools for their daughters’ growth.

Process & Results

To help push the idea of playtime being an empowering moment for young girls and an avenue for her to fulfill her potential, we crafted a fun-filled digital campaign that encouraged young girls to be whatever they wanted to become!

We featured Toys“R”Us’ wide selection of products in various fantastical scenarios, such as Barbie dolls on a shopping day out, stuffed animal toys in a veterinarian’s clinic, or a culinary set in a five-star restaurant’s kitchen. Each post invited little girls to step into a new exciting role and let their imaginations run wild.

In the end, our campaign positioned Toys“R”Us  and their line of toys as valuable tools in empowering young girls to explore the exciting things that lie ahead for them.

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