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Toys"R"Us Christmas Campaign

Project Overview

Toys”R”Us has been loved by kids for decades. It continues to be one of the leading retail toy companies across countries, providing fun to people of all ages.  

In time for the holidays, Toys”R”Us put together the Big Christmas Countdown - an e-catalogue to showcase and highlight special toys and sales.

What We Did

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Statics & Carousels


Apart from its wide selection of knick-knacks, Toys”R”Us also offers safe and convenient ways to purchase at a time of pandemic - through Call, Shop, Play-at-Home, Shop Like A Boss, and the e-catalogue itself. 

Given this, the company wanted us to think of unique concepts and materials to produce that would not only promote its toys, but also inform and encourage customers to order through its different platforms.

Process & Results

We created a calendar to plot the different types of content we would create, but more importantly what purpose each would serve - awareness statics, traffic GIFs and carousels, and so on. 

Given that our target demographic wasn’t only kids looking for toys but also their parents looking for gifts, we brainstormed fun ideas we felt would appeal to both markets - Geoffrey on a chimney, Santa doing the shopping, and a Christmas Playbook-style carousel featuring the latest and hottest toys. 

As a result, the Big Christmas Countdown came to be a joyous holiday campaign that played an integral part in driving up the company’s revenue over the holidays, sharing the Christmas spirit to consumers through magical fun.

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