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Toys"R"Us Christmas Campaign

Project Overview

Toys“R”Us is a leading toy retailer in the Philippines. Since opening its first store in 2006, it has grown to over 41 toy stores and 52 Toy Box sections in Robinsons Department stores. At the start of the Christmas season, Toys”R”Us releases its yearly holiday toy catalog filled with wonderful toys children will surely dream of during the holidays.

What We Did

Animated Videos
Banner Ads
Canvas Posts
Statics & Carousels


Toys“R”Us knows how much all kids look forward to Christmas every year. Every December, they burst with excitement waiting to find out what Santa Claus has in store for them this time around. Toys“R”Us wanted to build on this by seizing the season and positioning themselves as a one-stop place where parents can make their kid’s holiday wishes come true.

Process & Results

Christmas is a time for joy and merry-making, and through our research, we found that all parents want nothing more than to make the holidays unforgettable for their children. With this in mind, we leaned into the spirit of the season and created a campaign highlighting how Toys“R”Us makes Christmas the most magical time of the year.

We played around with classic Christmas imagery, turning Toys“R”Us’ giraffe mascot into Santa Geoffrey and featuring motifs like Santa’s workshop and his army of reindeer and elves. We also made it a point to push trendy toys that are for sure on every child’s wish list, such as the Nintendo Switch.

All in all, our magical campaign celebrated the joyous spirit of the season and branded Toys“R”Us as a wonder-filled place where every child’s Christmas wish can come to life.

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