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Toys"R"Us Boys’ Fair Campaign

Project Overview

Toys“R”Us is a leading toy retailer in the Philippines. Since opening its first store in 2006, it has grown to over 41 toy stores and 52 Toy Box sections in Robinsons Department stores. Every year, Toys”R”Us unveils a fresh catalog filled with the hottest new toys young boys are sure to love!

What We Did

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Statics & Carousels


Toys“R”Us realizes that little boys are live wires. Bouncing with endless energy, they consider playtime as a magical time where their imagination knows no bounds. Given this, Toys“R”Us wanted to market their catalog of boy-oriented toys to parents as important tools that will help their sons grow up into fine young men.

Process & Results

After several rounds of brainstorming, we found that little boys have a natural thirst for adventure, and good parents know that it’s important to cultivate this sense of curiosity to push their sons to achieve great things. Given our findings, we created a fun-tastic campaign that encouraged parents to “nurture the adventure” and positioned Toys“R”Us as partners in unleashing the greatness hidden inside their sons.

We showcased Toys“R”Us’ new line of toys in adrenaline-filled dream scenarios such as toy cars in a high-speed Formula One track race, or action figures in a choose-your-fighter video game standoff. We even highlighted hot toys of the season, such as the new line of Toy Story 4 action figures in time for the movie’s release.

The result was a fun-filled campaign that branded Toys“R”Us as a source of adventure and encouraged little boys to dream big and go crazy over playtime!

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