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Project Overview

When life hands you lemons, slice one up, take a shot, and laugh a little. That’s the Swiggit spirit — quenching your thirst for a good time by delivering booze straight to your door. 

In preparation for the market debut of their mobile app, Swiggit entrusted us with building their brand from the ground up. We wanted to capture their refreshing passion for the upside across every touchpoint, resulting in a vibrant brand and identity system.

What We Did

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Brand Identity
Community Management
Content Calendar
Packaging Design
Web Design


When we first met with Swiggit, their mission was clear: deliver a full drinking experience straight to your door with the best spirits in Malaysia. It was all coming together. They had an extensive selection of liquor and local bar partners, affordable prices, and a fast delivery process. 

But what they needed was a brand identity that would complement the experience they envision. The goal was to create a system that was inviting, yet versatile enough to be applied to a website and mobile app interface, as well as social media content and packaging.

Process & Results

For this project, we cracked open our cellar of memories — and our office murphy bar — to understand Swiggit’s role in this rich social experience. 

One of Swiggit’s main objectives is to bring the best of drinking into people’s comfort zone. After the brainstorming party, the team began creating top-shelf name studies and identity systems to support this goal. 

The invented name “Swiggit” had the right blend of familiarity and punchiness, calling out to thirsty customers. Inspired by hospitality, the logo is an ode to pouring customers a drink, with a comforting color palette to match. From here, we stirred up ideas to create refreshing social content, served through Swiggit’s social media, website, and mobile app. On the rocks, of course.

In two months, Swiggit saw exponential growth. It found a firm footing within the market as a fun, youthful, yet inclusive app available to the wider community. We raise a toast to Swiggit’s promising future! 
“We started by going to Brevo with an idea. They helped turn this idea into a full-fledged business. Brevo has been a joy to work with and we couldn’t have done it without them.”
Jordan Fack, Vice President of Operations, Swiggit
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