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S.H.A.P. Rebrand

Project Overview

S.H.A.P. stands for Strategic Hospital Alliance Program and is a nationwide program connecting partner hospitals to Makati Medical Center. S.H.A.P. is a growing initiative and MMC wanted to refresh the logo as it continued building the brand.

What We Did

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Brand Collaterals
Brand Identity
Logo Design


S.H.A.P. is Makati Medical Center’s way of giving hospitals and patients all over the Philippines special access to its facilities, doctors, and medical professionals. It’s logo was in need of a refresh. Our job was to streamline it, make sure it worked in conjunction with MMC’s logo, and provide a brand book as well as practical logo applications.

Process & Results

After our initial meeting with MMC, we focused on the idea of “connections”, that being the fundamental proposition of S.H.A.P. By connecting patients with the medical personnel, facilities, and care they needed, Makati Med was linking together people and resources for the greater good.  It was this idea of a linking that led to a series of studies that concluded with an S in the shape of a chain link - connoting the idea of a strong and sturdy bond. Makati Med approved the idea and we proceeded with applications (signage, calling cards, IDs and others) as well as a brand book to guide the principal hospital and all other partner facilities in their use of the updated logo.

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