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Shakey’s Pizza: Company Mascots, Employee Naming and Stickers

Project Overview

The thrill of a warm pizza box on your lap comes from the steaming, mouthwatering pizza inside — which is what Shakey’s is all about. Great pizza. Good times. And warmth that feels like family.

Shakey's tasked us with creating new brand mascots that reflected their core identity. The pizza chain wanted to personify their trademark hearty and hospitable food experience with character designs that fit Shakey’s brand identity.

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Statics & Carousels


Shakey's CEO was inspired by a business presentation he'd seen in the US. The presentation included fun, playful, and thoughtful characters that reflected the company’s brand. Shakey's aspired to produce a similar set of characters they could use across their brand assets - fresh, fun, friendly, and flexible character designs that would speak to families and patrons, encapsulating the good times, great memories, quality service, and delicious pizza at Shakey’s.

Process & Results

We think ideas are like pizza dough. They're meant to be tossed around!

As pizza lovers and seasoned family diners, we took inspiration from our personal experiences. But to come up with the perfect mascot, we challenged each of our graphic designers to create their own design — complete with mascot names and short descriptions. It was time to think out of the pizza box!

By tapping our artists' unique, individual perspectives on what Shakey's means to them and conducting comparative design sessions, we were able to come up with an enticing and diverse set of mascots — each uniquely embodying the Shakey’s spirit. All that’s left was for Shakey’s to choose!

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