Shakey’s Pizza: Company mascots, employee naming and stickers

A company proud of its “WOW” culture deserved characters that lived up to their passion

The Challenge

Shakey’s has what they call a “WOW” culture – an internal code of ethics that emphasizes pleasing the customer and going above and beyond in providing exemplary food and service. For their new employee training campaign they wanted a video and a set of animated mascots that reflected Shakey’s fun, customer-centric, can-do attitude.





Our Solution

As actual Shakey’s consumers, long acquainted with their pizza, mojos, and Supercard, we tapped into a myriad of positive emotions about the brand. This, coupled with the company’s own goals of employee empowerment, inclusion, and customer service, helped us craft a collective inspirational name for Shakey’s employees, a supporting video, two special mascots, and sticker designs for viber that embodied the best of Shakey’s WOW culture.





All In All

The goal of the video was to educate, remind, and inspire employees about the Shakey’s WOW culture and why they do what they do as a client-focused food service. The animated mascots gave the video and campaign a unique dimension, adding an extra element of fun and personality to Shakey’s training materials. The video now plays at Shakey’s HQ while the mascots are used in both online and offline assets.

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