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Project Overview

Send-A-Shakey’s is an online delivery service that lets you order Shakey's from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your loved ones in the Philippines. To help introduce the service and invite customers worldwide to send a surprise pizza treat, Shakey’s needed engaging marketing statics for its social media pages.

What We Did

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Digital Marketing
Statics & Carousels


Shakey’s wanted to show people that distance isn’t a deal-breaker when it comes to pizza celebrations with family, friends, and significant others. To do this, they needed to present customers with a simple, thoughtful solution: visit the Shakey’s website, personalize an order, and Send-A-Shakey’s!

With this, Brevo took on the task of putting together a campaign with engaging, informative statics that would help generate awareness and inspire customers everywhere to use Send-A-Shakey’s — even sending a pie from overseas through a Shakey’s branch close to home.

Process & Results

We wanted to help Shakey’s communicate not only “how” to use its service, but also “why” it’s perfect for being thoughtful from a distance. Spotlighting personalization, we began illustrating a variety of everyday moments where Send-A-Shakey’s could shine.

From virtual movie nights, to heartfelt apologies, to game-winning celebrations. Our statics, carousels, and infographics were made to be relatable and impactful. Like Shakey’s does with pizza, we did with our copy — keeping things warm and fresh.

In terms of design, we took Shakey’s product shots and added creative overlays to highlight more than just food and copy. With this, we were able to introduce life into the statics and engage viewers o a visual level.

In sum, we produced happy, heart-felt awareness and engagement posts to help Send-A-Shakey’s make a name for itself in the food delivery industry.

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