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San Miguel Brewery Annual Report 2019

Project Overview

San Miguel Brewery Inc. is the leading beer brewery in the Philippines, a beloved brand with a rich history and major market share. It has a consistent history of producing neat, clear annual reports. The 2019 report was to be another fresh presentation.

What We Did

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Annual Report


San Miguel Brewery Inc. is an instantly recognizable brand. It’s said that 9 out of 10 Filipinos have had (or will have) a San Mig beer in their lifetimes. The product’s reach and influence is indisputable. Much of this is to do with the fact that San Miguel is relentless in its marketing efforts, always trying to innovate in the alcohol space. That and it makes really good beer.

Process & Results

San Miguel Brewery Inc. is a massive conglomerate with divisions that each have their own leadership and of course, approval processes. It’s important in cases like this to maintain communication with key personnel on a regular basis so project details don’t fall between the cracks.

Brevo went through a rigorous pitch process and were in contention with a handful of agencies. The process required physical cover print-outs at several stages. We covered all bases, producing 3 different covers, each with a distinct visual style and inner design to match. These were further refined until we won the pitch with a winning title and visual pairing.

The development of the AR was actually smooth. Annual reports are often tweaked endlessly by numerous departments but this year, despite everyone laboring under challenging pandemic conditions, the feedback loop was fast and near-seamless. We made sure the vector work matched the cover, that all copy was proofed and up to par, and that all numbers matched their financial statements. A low error margin high client response time made this report go down like an ice cold brew.

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