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Robinsons Retail: Annual Report 2019

Project Overview

The end of an era is simply the beginning of a legacy. Robinson’s Retail Holdings, Inc., found truth in this maxim through the lifework of its founder, Mr. John L. Gokongwei, Jr.  

Upon his passing in 2019, it was clear that its annual report would be a tribute to Mr. John’s priceless contributions. We were given the honor to bring this vision to life through an online report, celebrating the man behind one of the country’s largest multi-format retailers.

What We Did

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Annual Report


Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (RRHI) has touched the lives of every Filipino. Since 1980, RRHI has been delighting many through unique business concepts and shopping experiences. 

Many turn to Robinsons as a cornerstone and trendsetter in the Philippine retail industry. All this is made possible with the hard work and leadership of its founder, Mr. John L. Gokongwei, Jr., an entrepreneurial visionary and philanthropist. However, a golden era drew to a close in 2019 when he passed away. 

After working closely with RRHI and its subsidiaries, their team entrusted us with the production of the commemorative annual report for the year. We set out to create a heartfelt tribute that celebrates the best of Mr. John and what’s to come for RRHI.

Process & Results

During our brainstorming session, everyone knew of Mr. John’s accomplishments. But ultimately, we realized that our goal was to instill a deeper appreciation for his origin story and RRHI’s success. 

We went through the archives to understand his humble beginnings, even going through a children’s book to his name. As we conceptualized, we arrived at three treatment options varying in style and tone. 

The one that stood out was an “honest, pared-down, and intimate portrait” that captured Mr. John in a heartfelt light. The inside features a tribute gallery of company milestones and quotes from the founder himself sewn into different sections. We were proud to deliver a report that embodies Mr. John’s legacy — one that lives on through all his companies.

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