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Robinsons Retail 2018 Annual Report Microsite

Project Overview

Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. is one of the Philippines’ largest multi-format retailers with almost four decades of experience in serving the Filipino consumer.The company wanted to create an annual report that showcased a prosperous year but with a twist — it had to be 100% paperless.

What We Did

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Annual Report


RRHI wanted to produce an annual report but save on production costs and reduce its carbon footprint while doing so. Brevo was tasked to create a full PDF version of the annual report and a digital microsite version that presented all write ups and data online, with animated elements.  

Process & Results

By analysing previous ARs and working closely with Robina Gokongwei and her team, we identified core values and imagery to be used throughout the report. We also analysed different digital reports globally, shortlisting several and presenting them to RRHI to gauge their preferences in terms of structure, flow and aesthetic. Our designers drafted layouts and wireframes for the front end of the microsite, also developing vector infographics and financial charts for the entire report. We conducted a photoshoot for the report cover and product imagery. Our writers came up with multiple title studies and theme ideas, assisting RRHI with proofreading for all their copy. As front-end design was being produced, our web developers took on the back-end and developed a dynamic, fresh and user-friendly site. We used parallax animations to give the site a fluid motion. The end result was an inviting and reader-friendly annual report that not only showcased RRHI’s personality and success, but also its commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Our end result titled “Day by Day” is a tasteful, reader-friendly report that captures RRHI’s distinct identity and passion for better. Moving to a more sustainable format was a success. The UI/UX was also well-received for replicating an intimate reading experience. Overall, it was a delight to work with RRHI, and we’re proud to continue being their creative partner.   
“It’s cute!”
Robina Gokongwei, Director and CEO, RRHI
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