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Puregold Annual Report 2018

Project Overview

Puregold is a bustling chain of supermarkets with more than 300 stores across the Philippines. It is a highly recognized and loved brand that provides quality products, deals and services throughout the nation. The company wanted to create an annual report that tastefully reflected its values, vision, achievements and efforts as it continues to grow its business.

What We Did

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Annual Report
ARs and SRs


Puregold is a company with a rich history and appetite for expansion. It wanted to highlight its year’s strongest points and to communicate the company’s growth narrative to shareholders. The report had to be clear-cut, attractive and easy to read — a quality it sought to prioritise. We were tasked with creating an annual report that remained true to Puregold’s branding, but had a fresher look and more streamlined, magazine-like touches.

Process & Results

We wanted to make Puregold’s AR a delightful, insightful and effortless read.

We interviewed key personnel to get necessary data and feedback on the company. We examined the gatherings and created a detailed outline for our narrative. We took key stats and complex ideas and turned them into simplified, engaging infographics. We also made sure that, in writing the report, we kept the tone smooth and straightforward.

We conducted a photoshoot with the board of directors for updated images we could use throughout the AR. As for the overall aesthetic, we kept the layouts clean and integrated Puregold’s brand colors into visual embellishments. We prioritised making the report pleasing to the eyes, fresh and bright — showcasing the year’s success in a warm, distinctly Puregold fashion.

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