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Phoenix Petroleum Web Dev

Project Overview

Phoenix Petroleum is a leading independent Philippine oil company, only 4th behind the nation’s “Big 3” players (Shell, Caltex, and Petron). The company’s meteoric rise in ranks meant it had to update many of its key comms. Its website, in particular, needed a major upgrade to reflect its evolving brand and to handle the challenges of business growth.

What We Did



Phoenix Petroleum started in Davao. Within years, it had scaled its business and made major advances in the national oil and gas industry. Like many companies that experience sweeping growth, Phoenix had neglected to update its website to reflect its success. It was time for a complete refresh. The new website had to be visually compelling, functional, and easy to update. Phoenix may have been #4 behind the other “Big 3” oil companies, but its website had to look #1.


We dismantled their old website and reorganized more than 250 pages of material, including corporate information, investor relations pages, and extensive PR archives. 

The homepage was experiencing heavy traffic due to increased media coverage. To this end we completely reorganized the site’s information architecture and added new pages to take into account their growth and reconfigured the UI/UX to give visitors a faster and more pleasant browsing experience. 

We rewrote the content, provided SEO optimization, and conducted a photoshoot for management. Critical additions included two microsites, one for the Phoenix Fuelmasters basketball team (a step up from their official PBA page) and Phoenix Super LPG (a fresh acquisition from Petronas). These were given their own theme, architecture, and interactivity within the site to drive fan loyalty and generate sales, respectively.

We also changed the overall CMS and future-proofed the website so that, as the company added to its portfolio, content and rich media could easily be added. 

Finally, we trained the Phoenix team (which entailed a trip to amazing Davao, yay) and provided critical hosting upgrades and maintenance to handle traffic, queries, and security.

The website won the 2018 Gold Stevie Award for Best Energy Website in London, UK.

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