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Phoenix Petroleum Web Dev

Project Overview

Phoenix Petroleum is a leading independent oil company in the Philippines, ranking 4th in the country among international players. Its meteoric rise meant that it had to update many of its key comms, particularly its website. For this upgrade, we took on the challenge of creating a compelling site with intuitive functionality.

What We Did

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Back-End Web Development
Front-End Web Development


Phoenix Petroleum started in Davao. Within years, it had scaled its business and made major advances in the national oil and gas industry. Along with its sweeping growth, comes the need to reflect this success on its website. It was time for a complete refresh, and it had to be visually engaging, inviting, and easy-to-update — everything Phoenix needs to come out on top. 

Process & Results

As the team huddled into the pit, we knew that the website needed an overhaul. What we envisioned was an edgy, yet sophisticated website that best embodies Phoenix’s trailblazing brand.

We started off by dismantling the old website and reorganizing more than 250 pages of material, including investor relations pages and extensive PR archives. Since the homepage was experiencing heavy traffic, we reconstructed its information architecture. This gave the Company’s increased media coverage its own lane. 

Once the framework was stable, the team revved up the UI/UX of the website for a faster and more pleasant browsing experience. We rewrote the content, provided SEO optimization, and conducted a photoshoot for management. Two critical microsites were also added to the main page: the Phoenix Fuelmasters basketball team feature and the recently acquired Phoenix Super LPG. The end result was a sustainable, stunning, and future-proof website.

The Phoenix team was thrilled to launch the new website. Improving its content management system (CMS) allowed the company to easily build upon its portfolio with content and rich media. Moving forward, we visited the team in Davao (an amazing place everyone should visit) to provide critical hosting upgrades, maintenance to handle traffic, and enhanced security. 

In 2018, the Phoenix website made it to the Oscar’s of the website industry, bagging the Gold Stevie Award for Best Energy Website in London, UK. It was a shared milestone to remember. We’re proud to have an outstanding partnership with Phoenix, helping them in their ever-growing standing within the industry.

“It’s excellent and world-class! Simple, consistent, and elegant."

Henry Albert Fadullon, Chief Executive of Operations, Phoenix Petroleum


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