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Phoenix Internal Training Videos (ITV)

Project Overview

Phoenix Petroleum, a leading oil company in the Philippines, has experienced remarkable growth in the last few years. It was time to introduce a series of videos that helped onboard their growing workforce.

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Videos (Script Writing)


Phoenix has a massive workforce numbering in the thousands, split largely between Metro Manila and Davao. To train new hires and help them better understand their products, mission, internal regulations, supply chain and more, it wanted to develop a series of animated explainer videos. The videos had to be easy to understand, visually engaging, and true to the Phoenix brand. Most importantly, they had to not be boring, as many corporate videos tend to be.

Process & Results

We conducted a discovery session with key department personnel to understand how their divisions work. We charted their processes and fleshed out the benefits of certain products and procedures. After this we created scripts that explained, in lighthearted detail, these products and procedures.

The key was to maintain a humorous yet informative tone. Some videos ran long, so it was important to achieve a good pace, smooth visuals, and a narrative that held a viewer’s attention. 

Once the final edits and tweaks came in, we drafted storyboards. The last step was to finalize voice over and music. All in all, it was a neat project that allowed the company to onboard new employees in a fun and informative manner, encouraging employee engagement from day 1.

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