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Phoenix Annual Report 2017

Project Overview

Phoenix Petroleum, the Philippines leading independent oil company, was entering a new phase of growth and recognition in 2017 - their 15th year. It was time to reflect these major milestones with a well-designed annual report.

What We Did

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Annual Report
Art Direction
Information Design


Phoenix was coming off a stellar year in terms of growth and entering a new era as it celebrated its 15th year of business. Its rapid expansion, aggressive acquisitions, and new product offerings were some of several major milestones that needed to be highlighted. Phoenix had a story to tell; the annual report was the perfect vehicle to share that story. Our job was to use copy, design, and data visualization to bring this story to life.

Process & Results

We met several times with the Phoenix comms team to have a fuller understanding of the company and its history, products, and mission. It was important for us to see Phoenix’s growth 15 year trajectory in the context of a Filipino oil company up against the industry’s big 3: Shell, Petron, and Caltex. 

Once we had a grasp of the company and its place in the local energy sector, we began to write the report. We themed it, established a pagination that supported the theme and sections, and then integrated their 2017 financial statements, using infographics to provide stakeholders with investor highlights.

We conducted an extensive two-day photoshoot to get brand new photos for the executive board and then all key management, to be featured in the report as well as the website (which we were also creating).

The final report was made available in both printed and digital formats.

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