Natural Gas: Flipping the Switch

Convincing Malaysia’s policy makers that shifting from coal to natural gas would be beneficial to the country and environment


The Challenge

Malaysia has an abundance of natural gas. But the coal industry has continued to grow as there is no data to support the harmful effects of coal on the Malaysian environment.
The government wanted to create a bridge to renewable energy and tasked us to create a report that highlighted the uses of natural gas and its abundant supply within the country. The report also had to convince government agencies, stakeholders, and policymakers to finally face the data and adopt change.





Our Solution

We worked with some of the largest O&G companies in the world to obtain data that had been collated, and put together a digital report that was interactive and engaging, something ministers and officials could easily flip through and understand.
Animated graphics helped advance the report’s central argument and this, coupled with our extensive research, helped push natural gas as a better alternative to coal.





All In All

“Flipping the Switch” was launched during the AOGC, the largest oil and gas conference in Asia, with the Chairman of Saudi Aramco and the Malaysian Prime Minister in attendance. The report was so well-received we did a print run of 5000 copies in addition to the digital version, which we distributed throughout Malaysia.

The report can be downloaded here.

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