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Metrobank Aspire UITF

Project Overview

With Metrobank, your money “is in good hands”. As one of the country’s premiere financial conglomerates, the bank sought to educate and inspire future investors to take a leap of faith in its Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF). 

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Statics & Carousels


Investing is a decision that requires faith in a product and an institution. People are skeptical about investing in what they don’t understand they don’t want to risk putting their money into something unfamiliar. 

The challenge then was to define Metrobank’s Aspire UITF and highlight the selling points that made it an easy and reliable investment program. By building trust, simplifying the process, and ensuring money was handled by expert fund managers, Metrobank wanted people to know that their next small step can lead to big changes.

Process & Results

We met with Metrobank’s fund managers to understand the whole process of investing in a UITF and how it generates returns. From this, we made a three-phase strategy that would educate, bring awareness, and sustain the trust of potential investors. 

We made sure that the material we created (infographics, videos, etc.) explained the investment process step-by-step, as well as the benefits clients can expect from their investments. 

The main thing we wanted for clients was for them to feel comfortable, not intimidated. We made it a point to keep the visuals sleek, the copy concise, and the overall look straightforward and practical.

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