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Megawide Annual Report 2018

Project Overview

Progressive, expansive, monumental. These are the ambitions that inspire Megawide's innovative construction and engineering solutions, and what sets their company apart in the world of Philippine infrastructure.

Megawide tasked us with creating their 2018 annual report. The firm wanted their AR to reflect their bold brand with a thoughtful, out-of-the-box design.

What We Did

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Annual Report


Megawide is a company of young and visionary hotshots. Eager to move into the future, the company wanted to communicate to shareholders that it was now transitioning from “plans to reality”. Megawide was finally bringing to life many of its visionary design and engineering ideas. 

The report had to show this clear transition, communicate its young and daring outlook, and of course, highlight the successful year. 

Megawide favored striking, minimalist design. Conceptually, the AR had to mirror the company’s practice of thinking differently about things, of having an aggressive, “build a first-world” philosophy.

Process & Results

Megawide gave our team free reign over the report's design. This gave us room to experiment.

We took inspiration from their “transition” between a company of plans to one that delivers on its promises. The idea of “blueprints to buildings” became a clear narrative throughline. 

To communicate this, we came up with a cover title that could be divided into two standalone statements that came together as one super statement.

To realize this we proposed a double cover. The idea was to have a semi-translucent top sheet that held the first half of the statement (and building schematics) superimposed on a sturdy second cover underneath it that revealed the second half of the statement (and images of finished buildings). 

Two separate ideas. One statement. 

There’s a sweet moment when a poker-faced executive team resonates with your idea but doesn’t want to give the game away yet. It felt like that in the Megawide pitch room. Ultimately, the twin title/cover design successfully landed us the project. We commissioned a print run in Malaysia where our partner printers could fully realize the complex cover design. 

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