M Residences: Re-branding and website

A case study in improving a luxury real estate website

Project Background

M Residences is a luxury home development by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC). Their homes are homes are modern, spacious, visually stunning, and highly customizable; you can work with their architects to decide on room configuration, additional floors, or if you’re really adventurous, pursue an entirely new architectural blueprint. The challenge for Brevo was to communicate these ideas in a way that is consistent with their luxury brand. We were also asked to think how the site can establish M Residences as a brand that extends beyond construction and into lifestyle.




Sharpening The M Residences Brand

M Residences already had a brand, it just needed sharpening. Our sessions with VCDC eventually led us to develop a warmer, sophisticated color palette and minimalist elements to reflect the brand’s uncluttered focus on welcoming homes and its grounded, positive outlook on life. We also wanted to make the website more accessible, easier to navigate, and a good product showcase. Lastly, we wanted to introduce an editorial component to the website. This way, M Residences can produce seasonal and evergreen content to strengthen their brand and connection with their target audience.



Design and Development Process

We began by auditing the existing M Residences website, identifying it’s strengths and flaws, and listening to the client in areas they felt it was failing. By outlining the key features and functions of the site, as well as mapping visitor behavior, we developed a streamlined information architecture based on actual usage and desired outcomes (e.g. booking tours, purchase decisions). We then built a brand new site using WordPress, theming our design, and customizing the backend to include relevant plug-ins, foreign elements designed by third-party suppliers (in this case, a 3D walkthrough), creating a seamless website experience.



End Result

The end result is a website that clearly articulates the development’s propositions, taking visitors on a comfortable journey through M Residences. The copy is playful and witty, in keeping with the brand. The editorial page includes intentional articles that seek to add value to the user experience. It loads quicker, making use of our best practices in backend development and design to be a site that responds well on a range of devices. Overall, the user experience is a major step up from the previous site, significantly increasing client interaction and our clients’ satisfaction.


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