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London Food Tech Week

Project Overview

YFood, the House of Food Tech, is a community of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors with a passion for food innovation. As a collective, it seeks to solve global issues surrounding the food industry by developing sustainable solutions, creating opportunities, and building partnerships to transform the global food development and supply ecosystem. 

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Videos (Script Writing)


Every year, YFood holds the London Food Tech Week - a 5-day event where industry experts, disruptors, brand ambassadors and investors from all over the world come together to collaborate and discuss all things food tech. 

We were tasked with creating the welcoming video for their event from storyboard down to the execution, bearing in mind that it will be purely virtual due to the pandemic restrictions. Moreover, we were in charge of helping the client shoot and deliver her message by directing her remotely.

Process & Results

First, we created a comprehensive guide for their CEO, Miss Nadia El Hadery in delivering her opening remarks. From here, we pieced together a storyboard in order to visualize sequences for editing. Once Miss Nadia turned over her video takes, we worked on piecing them together along with footage of the London Food Tech Week from previous years.

The final output was a short and sweet three-minute video with a warm welcome and a brief overview on what was to go down - a great way to kickstart the event! 

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