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JGSPC Christmas Giveaways

Project Overview

JS Summit Petrochemicals Group is the Philippines’ leading chemical plant and the largest polyolefins manufacturer in the country, which they market under the brand name Evalene. The company asked us to design brand collateral featuring handcrafted illustrations for their corporate giveaways, as a gift of appreciation for its employees every Christmas.

What We Did

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Brand Collaterals
Information Design
Print Layout and Design


JGSPG’s giveaway deliverables included a cube memo pad, a 2022 calendar, and a dated planner notebook. Each one was to reflect the company’s distinct brand identity, creating a cohesive set of goodies. For the calendar, they wanted to highlight a variety of local festivities per month, showcasing Evalene and Evalene Plus products in the center of every occasion.

Process & Results

Evalene’s products play a significant role in everyday Filipino life, particularly in the several uniquely Pinoy festivities throughout the year. Our goal was to highlight its contributions, inspiring each member of the organization to continue touching people’s lives with the work that they do every day of the year.

WIth this in mind, we chose to feature local holidays and festivities such as Sinulog or the Masskara Festival. JGSPC provided us with copy that revealed the interesting and oft-overlooked ways Evalene’s products figure in the festivities.

Design-wise, we came up with stunning illustrations filled with bright colors that spoke of the vibrancy of Filipino celebrations. This allowed JGSPC and Evalene to establish their identity beyond the country’s leading chemical plant as a mega-corporation in tune with the vigor and high spirits of Filipino life.

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