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JG Summit Annual Report 2019

Project Overview

JG Summit stands as one of the largest and most diverse Filipino conglomerates today, and it owes much of its success to the vision and leadership of its founder, the late Mr. John Gokongwei Jr.

Thus, the company’s annual report needed to serve as a celebration not only of their achievements, but also the life and legacy of the renowned entrepreneur.

What We Did

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Annual Report
Art Direction


JG Summit experienced various changes the past year; with a soaring profit expansion and  a new leadership under Lance Gokongwei, our job was to effectively communicate the theme of bringing the company “to the next Summit.” 

With Mr. John Gokongwei’s passing, JG Summit knew what it had to do: give honor to his life’s work and legacy. We were given the privilege of recounting his honorable life as well as the path he’s carved through its 2019 annual report.

Process & Results

We met several times with the JG Summit team in order to have a better grasp of the company and its plans for the future. Given the company’s already established reputation in society, the challenge for us then was finding ways to elevate it. 

We then presented three themes and covers, eventually arriving at “Scaling Success As One” as the overarching theme that would take the company to the next Summit. 

Conceptually, we were also tasked to visualize and execute their 2019 annual report as if it were one long coherent letter from their CEO, Mr. James L. Go.

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