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Project Overview

GoPinas is a Philippine travel service that makes booking trips and managing tours easy and convenient for local travelers. We worked with the company in its early stages, creating its logo and brand identity.  

What We Did

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Art Direction
Logo Design


GoPinas sets itself apart from other booking services by championing local destinations and off-the-beaten-path getaways for local travelers. Being a relatively new booking service, it had to establish itself as a credible option for Gen-Z and millennial consumers. Their challenge was to create a brand and logo that would make them stand out in a marketplace of heavy-hitters like Traveloka.

Process & Results

The GoPinas team was easy to work with. They had a clear understanding of their mission and target market, articulated in easy to understand decks. That made our job easier. What we helped uncover was the idea that GoPinas wanted to be a place where people could tick things off their bucket list. 

From this, our design lead created a brand mark that would hit both birds with one stone: a check mark and the letter “G” which millennials and Gen-Z consumers often associate with enthusiasm and affirmation - “G na!” (loosely, “Let’s Go!”) It clicked and the GoPinas logo was born.

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