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Goldilocks Home Party Package Campaign

Project Overview

Goldilocks has been a beloved bakery and restaurant chain in the Philippines since 1966. With cakes, pastries, and dishes made for every celebration, it has become a household name spanning generations. Bridging the limitations brought about by the pandemic, Goldilocks endeavored to bring the festivities closer to customers with signature party bundles that are sure to delight.

What We Did

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Dated? We call it vintage. This is what Goldilocks’ brand represents — timeless crave-worthy classics, sprinkled with new tasty concepts. And it’s this very identity the company hopes to communicate further with the launch of its Goldibox and Home Party Packages online campaign.  As a fun bunch that loves good company, Brevo instantly connected with Goldilocks’ objective. Together, we wanted to whip up an exciting social media campaign with delectable visuals that would rise to every occasion.

Process & Results

The brainstorm began with our own slice of life. What do celebrations look like in the new normal? From wedding anniversary live streams to video call birthday surprises, we had to cook, organize, and hot glue gun our way to spruce up milestones.  Now imagine having all the ingredients for any occasion: a delicious cake, sumptuous feast, and festive decorations - delivered to you. It’s every hosts’ dream. That’s the Goldilocks Party Package experience we wanted to showcase: convenient, affordable, and simply, delightful.  Once our direction was set, we kneaded them into a cohesive content calendar, filled with cheeky copy, playful vectors, and a giveaway contest to top it all off. It wasn’t long before the ideas were frosted to a tee, ready to be served on Goldilocks’ social media.

Overall, the online campaign was an exciting discovery process. People were quick to participate in the Win-A-Box contest with an influx of entries that exceeded expectations. It also provided insight into the product and content preferences of their 2 million-strong Facebook audience.     This project was an excellent start for our lasting partnership with Goldilocks and we’re pleased to share that we have more collaborative projects well underway.  

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