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FWD Social Media 2

Project Overview

FWD is an up and coming pan-Asian life insurer that aspires to start a ripple of positivity in the industry. The company has made significant inroads with empathy-driven plans, which inspire many to take charge of securing their health and finances. 

After a great run working with the FWD team, we were excited to take on another digital campaign with them for premium paying riders — a new way to customize insurance.

What We Did

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Campaign Strategy
Content Calendar
Statics & Carousels
Web Copywriting


At the core of FWD is the mantra that insurance should be accessible to all. With a wide range of products, people are bound to find insurance that resonates with their unique needs. 

Premium Paying Riders (PPRs) add another layer of flexibility to these plans, allowing buyers to create the most suitable plan for their lifestyle and goals with add-on benefits. Our task was to lead an awareness campaign on PPR, its benefits, and how it works in the FWD insurance ecosystem.

Process & Results

Over the course of the last project, our team has developed a great handle on FWD’s bright, life-affirming brand. This time the main challenge for us was to fully align with their revamped social media brand guidelines while bringing fresh ideas to the table. We achieved this through several meetings including an agent training session to better understand their message and process.

We arrived at the idea of “The freedom of choice”. This key message led people to realize that in life, we make decisions every day. With FWD, the difference is that people feel empowered with the freedom to make the best decisions for themselves. In turn, we anchored a series of animated GIFs, videos, carousels, and statics to fully reflect this main point.

The product launch resulted in a fun and informative social media campaign. Each content concept contributed to the successful blend of FWD’s main language with new ideas and visuals from our end. 

We take pride in our evolving relationship with FWD. As they double down on creating empathic and innovative insurance products, it motivates the Brevo team to couple each campaign with transformative concepts that inspire.

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