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Project Overview

Life is meant to be celebrated. For FWD, this belief is what motivates the company to redefine the insurance space. Even as a relatively new player in the industry, it has already made significant inroads, challenging many incumbents with its spunky attitude and positive approach. Social media marketing is an active component of FWD’s breakthrough, and we were called on-board to take it to the next level with the launch of two products. 

What We Did

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Web Copywriting


When we met with the FWD team, they were gearing up to release new insurance plans. Set for Health is a full-coverage health plan while Fight Plan more specifically addresses cancer. Both were comprehensive and empathic products. But the real challenge was to encourage people to protect themselves before possible health problems arise. How do we highlight each offering to educate others, and more importantly, protect themselves by investing in insurance? 

Process & Results

Insurance is, by nature, a sensitive product. It involves tackling weighty issues of sickness and death, free of the grim undertones surrounding it. For it to be introduced on social media, it had to be tackled in a positive light. Luckily, the team is a joyful bunch. We jump-started the brainstorm by exploring people’s aspirations without the fear of illness. 

For Set for Health, it was a series of content pieces bursting with life: travel, family, career, and fitness. This included an interactive 180-panoramic, showing different healthy and unhealthy behaviors — a playful way to encourage viewers to consider making lifestyle changes. 

Since Fight Plan dealt with a specific condition, the content showed how people can confidently rise above cancer - secure in their finances with FWD. Part of this was a GIF that depicted the life of a survivor, relaxing by the beach, doing away with the idea of tiresome treatments. Ultimately, the launch was a success. 

As the campaign went into full swing, many people showed greater interest in the plans after seeing the application of these benefits to human, aspirational scenarios. Responding to inquiries also became more intuitive for FWD’s partner agents with the help of their new streamlined brochures and sales materials. Despite the complex perception that surrounds insurance, working with FWD was a delight. Today, we continue to be their agency of record, collaborating on several campaigns to continue uplifting Filipino’s quality of life.  

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