FWD Set for Life Campaign

A print and digital campaign that explains the importance of insurance and investments

The Challenge

FWD Philippines wanted to leverage its fast-growing social media presence to push Set for Life, one of its core investment and insurance plans. The challenge was how to make insurance a clear and attractive proposition, particularly for the millennial market. FWD also wanted to emphasize the plan’s strong investment component.



Our Solution

It was important to honor FWD’s existing voice and extend that throughout the material. So we crafted a message in keeping with FWD’s positive, celebratory outlook on life. From infographics to printed brochures, we kept things fun, informative, and more importantly, shareable on social media.

All in All

FWD have a very well-defined brand. The trick was not just coming up with new ideas but ideas that fit their brand and advanced their cause. Communication was key to the project; by working closely with FWD and having a unique QA process, we were able to expedite approvals and keep all messaging on brand.



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