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FWD PPR Batch 4 Social Media

Project Overview

FWD is a relatively new player in the insurance space but has already made significant inroads, challenging many incumbents with its spunky attitude and positive approach to life insurance. Social media is an active component of FWD’s marketing drive and our job was to create new material to push their premium-paying riders.

What We Did

Animated Videos
Digital Marketing
Statics & Carousels


FWD’s mantra is, essentially, to make life insurance interesting and accessible for everyone. It has numerous products and offerings. In addition to these, its premium paying riders (PPRs) allow for customization of plans, to help buyers create the most suitable plan for their lifestyle and goals. We needed to highlight what a PPR is and how it works in the FWD insurance ecosystem.

Process & Results

Insurance is, by nature, a sensitive product. You’re dealing with weighty issues of sickness and death. You can’t be morbid. You must be positive. How do you talk about mortality on social media, without being insensitive?

Fortunately, FWD has a great handle on their bright, life-affirming brand. The main challenge for us was to fully align with their social media brand guidelines, to become one with FWD in its language, ideas, and messaging and yet bring something fresh to the table. We achieved this through several meetings including an agent training session to better understand their message and process.

We eventually came up with the idea of “The freedom of choice”. By empowering their customers and helping them realize that life is a matter of choice - and that FWD gives them freedom to make good choices - we were able to create a series of animated GIFs, a video, carousel, and statics that fully reflected this central idea. We successfully married FWD’s main language with new ideas and visuals from our side, resulting in a fun and informative social media campaign.

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