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FWD PPR Batch 3 Social Media

Project Overview

FWD is a relatively new player in the insurance space but has already made significant inroads, challenging many incumbents with its spunky attitude and positive approach to life insurance. Social media is an active component of FWD’s marketing drive and our job was to create new material to push their two offerings: Fight Plan and Set for Health.

What We Did

Brochures and Flyers
Information Design


Set for Health is a health coverage plan while Fight Plan more specifically addresses cancer. And while people are concerned for health problems and cancer diagnoses, few people want to think about this stuff. How do we highlight the offerings in a way that makes people think and, more importantly, invest in the insurance products?

Process & Results

Insurance is, by nature, a sensitive product. You’re dealing with weighty issues of sickness and death. You can’t be morbid. You must be positive. How do you talk about mortality on social media, without being insensitive? For Set for Health we came up with several content pieces, including a gamified 180 panoramic creative that showed different healthy and unhealthy behaviors, intended to make viewers playfully consider their life choices. We also created a GIF that showed what a survivor looked like (someone relaxing on a beach) rather than get nitty gritty about sickness and treatments.  For Fight Plan we wanted to show how people can confidently fight back in terms of finances. Cancer can take a massive financial toll; FWD is here to help. So the content and conversation flowed around customers being able to take a stand against Cancer, secure in the fact that FWD had their backs.

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