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FWD NTC Migration

Project Overview

FWD Life is a leading insurance provider with several operations scattered across Asia. Since 2014, the company remains committed to breathing new life in the traditional insurance market and making the conversation around protection more relevant.

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Electronic Direct Mail
Internal Screensavers
Statics & Carousels
Trunkline Voice Recordings


FWD regularly connects with their valued clientele via their customer service hotline. However, in October 2019 the National Telecommunications Commission ordered all telecom providers to migrate to eight-digit telephone numbers. Given this, FWD needed direct-to-the-point digital and internal materials announcing their new customer care hotline and trunkline numbers to both their customer base and employees, respectively.

Process & Results

Anchored on FWD’s belief that insurance can liberate you to live your best life, we created a series of digital materials announcing the company’s new customer care hotline. Proclaiming the insurance provider’s “new number but same passion,” we reassured clients that FWD was still available to them 24/7.

Additionally, we crafted internal announcements such as EDMs and desktop screensavers reminding FWD employees of their new eight-digit trunkline number. Through these materials, we empowered FWD to continue on their mission to help their clients live their best worry-free lives.

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