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FPH Sustainability Report 2018

Project Overview

First Philippine Holdings (FPH) is a major holdings company with interests in clean and renewable energy, premium real estate, manufacturing, and construction. It’s mother to a number of top companies in the Philippines and known for being a foremost voice in the sustainability movement.

What We Did

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Sustainability Report


FPH is known for its sustainability reports that capture and present its data in comprehensive and compelling form. The company has a keen understanding of the impact of climate change and is a strong voice in the Philippine corporate world. Its 2018 sustainability report was to capture the same message of urgency it has consistently delivered to its shareholders and peers.

Process & Results

One core aspect of the report was the cover image. FPH wanted it to be powerful, alarming, and provocative. It was to be paired with an equally strong title to draw readers in and make the deeply aware of the challenges of climate change.

We sent multiple cover studies and title options ranging from visions of a dystopian future to present day environmental realities. The final choice was a strong visual reflecting our current situation - man’s pollution choking the world. This sat well with FPH’s leadership and from there we developed the rest of the report, seeking ways to visually communicate their dense data sets and yet not lose people in the process.

The result was a booklet packed with information, a cover that was an immediate call to action, and a project that demonstrated yet again, FPH were at the forefront of Philippine efforts to combat climate change.

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