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Dole Supercharge/#DoleItUp

Project Overview

Dole Food Company is one of the world's largest producers of high-quality fresh fruit and packaged fruit products. In the Philippines, Dole is primarily known for being a leading supplier of fresh bananas and pineapples. The company sought to push their canned pineapple juice to compete head and head with market leaders like Del Monte.

What We Did

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180 Vector Posts
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Dole has already established itself as a market leader for fresh fruit. However, it had yet to cultivate a similarly strong brand recall for its pineapple juice product. In reworking their marketing strategy, Dole saw an opportunity to distinguish their product from competitors like Del Monte by tapping the young professional market.

Process & Results

Through our strategizing, we found that working millennials are busier and more stressed than ever. Juggling several responsibilities all at once, they fear burnout and running out of energy. Given this, our campaign sought to position Dole pineapple juice as an all-natural boost that helps you power through the toughest of days.


We ran with Dole’s existing “supercharge” theme and played around with electric motifs. One GIF was done in classic 8-bit style and sold Dole as a power-up that refills your depleted energy bar. A carousel ad encouraged consumers to #DoleItUp amid a variety of intimidating workplace situations.


The result was a digital campaign imbued with youthful energy that successfully communicated Dole pineapple juice’s all-natural benefits and positioned it as a choice energy boost for young professionals on-the-go.

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