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Century Properties SRRV

Project Overview

Batulao Artscapes is a luxury property in Batualo, Batangas, developed by Century Properties. One of its biggest value propositions was the fact that Century would facilitate all Special Resident Retirees Visa (SRRV) for foreign buyers. The SRRV is little known to most people and Century needed an animated video to explain it.

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Digital Marketing


Century Properties developments have always appealed to foreign buyers. But little do clients know that the Philippines actually offers a special visa for foreign retirees who wish to move and buy property in the country. The SRRV therefore is a major attraction for overseas buyers. Our job was to break down the advantages of the SRRV and explain it to Century’s target market in an easy, engaging manner via animated video.

Process & Results

Our research began with the Philippine government’s official website explaining the SRRV. From there it was simply a matter of translating the core advantages of the visa and how it helps people who want to buy property and transition to the Philippines.

Once the details were committed to script form, we drafted a storyboard and began work on the video. There was to be no voice-over; the video had to rely solely on animated visuals, music, and superimposed text to sell the message. It also had to look upscale, in keeping with the Batulao Artscapes and Century Properties brand.

The result was an upbeat, informative video that clearly explained the SRRV so that clients could make informed purchase decisions. It was used online by Century and offline by its sales agents during presentations and product walkthroughs.

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