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Century Properties Infographic

Project Overview

Century Properties has a wide range of clients, both in the Philippines and abroad. Its agents are always equipped with nicely designed brochures, flyers, and look books that showcase their luxury developments. Now the company needed new and engaging marketing content for the digital space. 

What We Did

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Information Design


Century Properties is known for its high-end condominiums and luxury homes. It routinely collaborates with world-class architects and designers such as Versace Home, Armani Casa, Paris Hilton and more. As you can imagine, their marketing material is second to none. For the digital sphere, they needed shareable infographics that not only fit social media but highlighted Century’s projects in fun, informative, and on-brand ways. 

Process & Results

We sat down with Century’s marketing and communications team, to fully understand their product offering and language. Then we analysed their audience and market which includes OFWs and high net worth individuals (HNWI) - what do they respond to, what is important to them in making a purchase decision, what are their priorities, concerns, and life goals?

Our research led us to look at not just the properties and the target market, but also the context of the developments. The role of gentrification in some projects; the allure of living in a country with a lower cost-of-living compared to other nations; the power of designer prefab homes in an industry driven by traditional housing construction.

The resulting infographics were based on hours of research and pushed key highlights of each development by casting them in a new light, whenever possible. We then published them on our own social and news channels before turning them over to the client for internal and social media use.

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