Century Properties: Infographics

Using visualized data to tell stories, push ideas, and sell luxury real estate


The Challenge

Century Properties is famous for its high-end vertical and horizontal developments, with plenty of buzz surrounding their amenities and partnerships (Paris Hilton designed a clubhouse; Giorgio Armani’s home design firm collaborated on interiors, and more). But at one point, the fine-tuned details and superior advantages of a Century condo got lost in the noise.


Our Solution

We developed a series of infographics that communicated interesting factoids and stats about the company and its projects. By highlighting this information, often combining it with real world statistics on real estate, travel, and investing, we were able to shine a light on Century’s products in a fun, engaging, and buyer-focused way.

All in All

By unearthing extra info about Century Properties’ high-end projects, setting this data to compelling visuals in a digital-friendly format, we were able to push Century’s ideas and narrative beyond traditional (and physically limiting) brochures and into the extended realm of social media and the world wide web.



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