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Century Properties Apostille Video

Project Overview

Century Properties is a premier real estate developer that’s responsible for some of the most iconic luxury properties in Metro Manila. With a strong international sales force, they have buyers across ASEAN, the US, and Europe. It was time to inform Century clients about the “apostille convention” and what that means for buyers based abroad.

What We Did

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Animated Videos
Videos (Script Writing)


Century Properties needed an animated video that clearly explains the “Apostille Convention” to buyers outside the Philippines. The Apostille Convention is a collection of countries who allow legal documents (like a contract to sell) to be signed and verified with a simple apostille, and be accepted as legal by all convention member states under international law. Sound complicated? Watch the video instead!

Process & Results

Century Properties is a long-standing Brevo client. Having worked with them extensively in the past, we simply took the brief and ran with it. We asked a few questions via email then got to work on the script, using familiar Century language to communicate an unfamiliar idea.  After that, we sent in a few pegs for art direction, quickly secured Century’s preference, and created a storyboard for the video. This was also quickly approved. After animation, we agreed on a suitable voice talent, recorded the voice over, and promptly delivered the final video. The entire project was produced and finished in a matter of weeks, with minimal edits.

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