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Century Pacific Foods Annual Report

Project Overview

Century Pacific Foods Inc. is a major Philippine food and beverage conglomerate. It’s previous annual reports were typical fare - photos of food, products, and lots of copy. In 2018, it wanted to try something different. It was time for the company to play around with themes and designs.

What We Did

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Annual Report
Information Design


Century Pacific is known mainly for its Century Tuna tinned products and has massive market share and brand recognition. But it also has many other products in different categories. Its challenge was how to communicate all of its achievements and initiatives for 2018 in one seamless whole. On top of that, Century wanted to explore a more visual approach, using graphics and data visualization to advance its message and report.

Process & Results

We sat with Century’s Investor Relations team and worked closely with them for the duration of the project. We broke down the information-gathering process into 4 batches, and then reverted to them accordingly, with designs based on their initial feedback. 

Century’s team opted to use vector graphics over their traditional product image bank, which had already been used extensively in other materials. This allowed us to make the report fresh and exciting. We used commanding font sizes and types, juxtaposed against easy-to-read copy, and visualizations that clearly communicated stats and financial highlights. 

The vector-based cover depicting Century’s product harvesting and manufacturing, against the backdrop of a rising nation, was a high point. Century had always used traditional lifestyle images for its covers; with this, it signalled a welcome break and a dynamic way forward for an otherwise traditional conglomerate.

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