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Project Overview

The British School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) is one of Asia’s top-performing schools and the best of the Nord Anglia’s 66 schools worldwide. The institution wanted to explore work with a creative agency with the goal of distinguishing themselves from other Nord Anglia schools while maintaining the group’s branding.

What We Did

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Motion Graphics
Traditional and Digital Billboards


BSKL aspired to capture the trust of parents and boost enrollment through outdoor advertising that was strategic and high-impact. It needed to engage the diverse nationalities to which the school catered using English as the primary language. This had to be done by communicating its ethos and values centred on happiness, ambition and success. BSKL tasked us to realize all this by creating meaningful, memorable billboards.

Process & Results

We wanted to highlight BSKL’s excellence and individuality in the best way possible while maintaining branding elements from Nord Anglia.

We began analysing BSKL’s market. What was important for parents? For students? What made British education so compelling for people? We also took a look at competitor schools and their marketing efforts. We studied the streetscape and billboard locations of prominent areas near the school. We then distilled that information and put together our strategy.

We created a key visual anchored on the concept of “success beginning with happiness.” We conceptualised different illustrations and outdoor applications that would communicate this core idea, taking into account the physical locations and unique traffic movement in these areas. Working closely with BSKL’s marketing team, we drafted copy and thoughtful visuals that pushed BSKL’s message in a big, unmistakable way - perfect for transient traffic who only needed to look once and get BSKL’s full message.

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