BDO Leasing: Animated Video

An animated video that helps people understand the bank’s leasing proposition


The Challenge

BDO needed a way to explain the difference between a loan and a lease to booth visitors and passersby during an upcoming high-end event. How do you explain financial ideas to distracted people, in just 90 seconds? The video had to be clear, concise, and engaging enough to keep people’s attention before they moved on to other booths.



Our Solution

An animated video played on a large, hi-def TV mounted in their booth would be hard to miss. The key would be both the script and visuals. We had to not only distill the concept of leasing into easily-digestible info bites, but present it in a visual-narrative format that took people from A-Z, without losing their attention.

All In All

We used fast-moving animation, communicating daily quick, fundamentals of loans vs leases, as well as common use cases of leasing, all within a 90-second video format. It was played to milling crowds during a major event and because of its quick pace and clear content, garnered positive attention and feedback.

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