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Arla Sweet Cream Butter

Project Overview

Arla Foods is a Scandinavian multinational corporation and one of the largest producers of dairy products. Arla Malaysia asked us to develop lively onboarding material for employees who needed to know more about its Sweet Cream Butter product.

What We Did

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Information Design
PPT Designs


Arla is known for its high-quality dairy products - from organic milk to cheese and more. It’s heritage is rooted in its care for farmers and a more sustainable approach to nature and farming. In Malaysia, the company needed material that specifically talked about Arla’s Sweet Cream Butter - its components, uses, and more - in a visual presentation that was educational and adhered to the Arla brand.

Process & Results

Arla provided us with key information on the product like nutritional data and other statistics, as well as process information and use cases. Our job was to convey this info to viewers in an engaging way. 

We analyzed the numbers and drafted a visual narrative that played off key stats (e.g. weight, volume etc). Instead of just displaying raw numbers in a table we sought to visualize them in fun ways. This made for better viewer understanding and recall. Employees could simply open the presentation, read through it once, and come away with a thorough understanding of the product which was key to Arla Malaysia’s local onboarding and training process.

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