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AirAsia RedTix Social Media Campaign

Project Overview

AirAsia RedTix is a platform for discovering some of the world’s hottest concerts, festivals, musicals, sporting events and more. The company wanted to advance their social media presence and create hype for their brand, events and special deals through enticing online campaigns.



What We Did

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Statics & Carousels


RedTix aspired to have the largest following in Southeast Asia and to become the hub of choice for events, lifestyle buzz and much more. To reach that goal, it needed to take bigger advantage of its social media — drawing people in through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. RedTix tasked us with creating and managing a variety of compelling and cost-effective social media content that would result in more followers, website engagement, and ultimately sales.

Process & Results

We wanted to give RedTix’s social media pages a distinct creative advantage. We began brainstorming, drawing insights from our resident musicians, music lovers and festival goers.

We analysed different Southeast Asian cultures and sensibilities, to understand how they like to enjoy their music and events (they love going out!) We performed an audit of their competitors’ social media pages, distilled the data, and used that as a foundation for RedTix’s new calendar and content buckets.

We then created a flexible internal system which accommodated tight deadlines and last-minute calendar additions since RedTix constantly brought in new partners and events. We dedicated graphic designers and writers who would focus solely on RedTix to make sure we could keep up with new additions, announcements, and more.

Through clever and fun posts that detailed various artists and festivities, we were able to add value to the company and its events by increasing page likes and engagement.

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