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AirAsia RedTix Branding

Project Overview

AirAsia RedTix is the ultimate gateway to ticketed adventures for the young and young-at-heart. They create affordable ticket packages to some of the world’s coolest festivals and biggest happenings. The company wanted to refresh its look to better reflect their brand identity.

What We Did

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RedTix didn’t feel like their online aesthetic represented the company’s energy and vibe. It was eager to make bigger impressions and expand its reach in Southeast Asia by showing that it was an all-around entertainment haven that connected events, travel, lifestyle and beyond. With that in mind, RedTix tasked us with breathing new life into its brand’s look and highlighting its young, loud and fun personality.

Process & Results

We wanted to give RedTix a first-class ticket to their handsome, new aesthetic.

We did an analysis of what other players in the industry were doing. We looked at the social media accounts of RedTix’s competitors, studying the visual qualities that resonated with their audiences. We distilled all the findings, pinpointed opportunities for originality, and used that as a foundation for RedTix’s digital makeover.

RedTix is a company set in Malaysia so it was important to organize regular conference calls and chat communications via Whatsapp. That kept us properly aligned.

After identifying playful ways we could differentiate RedTix’s colours, typography and overall style, we produced our strategy, moodboards, and three unique brand catalogs for RedTix’s refresh. The result was visually dynamic website content that better represented the fun-loving RedTix brand.

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